Wedding Reception

Food and Drink (Vittles and Libations)


After batting around the idea of an all-vegan reception (complicated to say the least), we decided to go in the direction of “this is our party, so why don’t we do something FUN”.

To that end, we’re having a record-setting number of PIZZAS delivered to the Neighborhood House Great Hall.  We’re planning on getting a variety of pies (all meat-free, sorry Grandpa) to be delivered and served during the cocktail reception.  It’s our favorite food, and we’re hoping you find it appealing as well.

IF you are unable to consume pizza for ANY dietary reason please note this in your RSVP so we can explore alternative options.  We want to ensure the happiness of all our guests and will do our best to find a solution (though we have trouble imagining how anyone could ever be happy if they can’t eat pizza).



There will be an open bar serving cocktails and beer throughout the evening.

(That was easy, right?)

Click here for hotel, parking, maps, taxis
Click here for time, date, attire, gift information
Click here for information on food and drink
Click here for information about the FUN STUFF
Click here to RSVP (very important!)



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