Wedding Reception

The Basics (Time, Date, Location, Gifts, Attire)


Tara and Clay host our wedding reception. . . and a concert . . .  for all of our beloved friends. We genuinely love you and want to celebrate together. Join us!


6 PM – 12 AM, December 08, 2012.  Our reception (and open bar) begins at 6:00, with food at 7:00, main musical act at 9:00.  Please join us early and stay late!


Christ Church Neighborhood House (20 North American Street, Philadelphia, PA–between 2nd and 3rd just north of Market Street)


“Concert casual” (just ask yourself–what would Clay or Tara wear?).  In seriousness, the evening will include drinking, eating, and dancing, so plan for your comfort.  Anything from your favorite tee-shirt and sneakers–right up through an Armani suit with flip flops–will be welcome.


We’re amazingly lucky, blessed people who want for nothing.  However, in order to reduce the expenses of our wedding, reception, and concert, we’d deeply appreciate monetary gifts of whatever amount you care to give.   There will be a gift box at the party for your convenience.  In the spirit of the holiday season, we plan to donate a % of gifts to a local charity.

We’ll be inside (December, after all), but hey, looks nice, right?

A few words about WHY we’re doing this…...It began as a joke . . . “what if we hired these guys to play at our wedding?”.  We were racing down the highway, blasting a Rubblebucket CD, the two of us lifted up with the joy of a sunny day, good company, and wonderful music.  A few months (and a million emails later), we could hardly believe it, but we’d lined up the band of our dreams.  Next, we needed the right venue for our shared vision of the perfect wedding celebration: cocktail hour-meets-pizza-party-meets-epic concert.  After searching across the city, we ended up at Christ Church Neighborhood House.  This room is a personal favorite of ours–we’ve attended a number of edgy theater gigs and mind-boggling puppet shows in this uniquely Philadelphia space.  CC Neighborhood House was founded in 1911, and is directly adjacent to the historic Christ Church (built in the 1700s and former host to an impressive roster of notable parishioners including John Adams, George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Ben Franklin).  Neat, huh?

Don’t panic–the evening will NOT include any stuffy ceremony or boring parts.  We’ll be married by the time you show up, but we figured nobody would complain.  After all, you’ll be there for the best parts (drinks, food, and music).  Maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll reenact our vows for you.  TBA.

Click here for hotel, parking, maps, taxis
Click here for time, date, attire, gift information
Click here for information on food and drink
Click here for information about the FUN STUFF
Click here to RSVP (very important!)



4 thoughts on “The Basics (Time, Date, Location, Gifts, Attire)

  1. Can we dress in futuristic outfits?

    Posted by Dru | August 19, 2012, 12:15 pm
  2. hmmm… What if everything I wear is already outdated, like since before I bought it in the late 80’s? Can I wear my favorite suit I got for my birthday?

    Posted by Funky Yo Home | August 20, 2012, 3:58 pm

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