Wedding Reception

The FUN STUFF (Arts and Entertainments)

This is it — the real deal.
When we sat down to plan this whole thing, there were pitfalls and near misses.  We discovered that booking a rock band is somewhat different than throwing a party, say, at the local Rod & Gun club.  Suffice it to say, the terms, backstage riders, contract agreements, and necessary personnel caught us off guard–but in the end, it all fell into place.  Here it is.  The show of our lives, all for you.

Entertainment #1 : Charles “Charles”

Hello, I’m Charles “Charles”, and I will play the piano like this

During the cocktail & feeding-frenzy section of the evening, musical entertainment will be provided by Charles “Charles”.  Charles is a Philadelphia native with more than 40 years of lounge-singer and entertainment experience.  Between gigs with his two major label acts (The Fake Captains, and James T. Kirk and the Rocket Man Band), Charles spends his free time feeding stray children and solving complicated math problems found on university hallway chalkboards.  In 2012, Charles became the world’s only pianist to play the entirety of Liszt’s 12 Grand Etudes while simultaneously holding his breath and making corrections to his tax forms.

Entertainment #2: Surprises and Romance

If everyone behaves and time permitting, Tara and Clay may honor you with a short recitation of our wedding vows to each other.  Awww, isn’t that sweet?  Details and surprises TBD.

Entertainment #3 : RUBBLEBUCKET

One of our all-time favorite musical groups is the truly epic “yes-wave” band, RUBBLEBUCKET.  Introduced to us by a few different friends, we love this group of genre-bending musicians like few others we’ve ever heard.  If you’re not already familiar with them, here’s how they describe themselves on their website:

Led by the musical couple of front woman Kalmia Traver and bandleader/trumpeter Alex Toth, Rubblebucket has spent the last four years building a reputation as a band that blurs the lines between psychedelic indie rock, upbeat dance, and radiant, left-field arrangements. The Brooklyn, NY by way of Boston and Vermont band has evolved into something that is “utterly post-genre—horns, synth, guitars, harmonies—a smile-inducing point on the tangent that connects Björk and Broken Social Scene”, which is to say that you never know what you’ll see or hear next.

Here’s how we’d like to describe them: As the only band we wanted to play at our wedding . . . the sound of hopeful futures, of complex lives, of twisted joy and love . . . the sound of celebration with our friends.

UPDATE 27Aug12: We’ve been asked by a few of you–is this a public Rubblebucket concert?  Answer: No, this is our private event, only wedding guests will be in attendance.

Take a listen to the awesomeness of Rubblebucket at the link below, have your socks knocked off, then go ahead and RSVP that you’ll be joining us for the concert of our lives:

Really–we’re so excited, there aren’t even words to describe it.

A dream concert with all our friends.

Join us.

Click here for hotel, parking, maps, taxis
Click here for time, date, attire, gift information
Click here for information on food and drink
Click here for information about the FUN STUFF
Click here to RSVP (very important!)



2 thoughts on “The FUN STUFF (Arts and Entertainments)

  1. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE SOME COMMENTS BELOW….we’d love to have your memories, thoughts, the greatest thing that happened to you during the night.

    Posted by unoclay | December 11, 2012, 11:51 am
  2. I will start with a hearty nicely done. I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended many weddings of varying flavors at this point in my life and you managed to lodge one squarely in the hall of favorites. In reality, I don’t really have a favorite anything since there are so many things to like out there, but there are few things I really really like and I really really liked your wedding. My observations and past history setting up a wedding of my own suggest you put a ton of thought and energy into the event, so thanks for all of that. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as everyone else. I’ve heard only positives across the board from all reviewers polled, some of them among the toughest of the bunch (cough cough dru), so yeah, awesome.

    It’s humbling to reflect on having such a great time attending the wedding of two people I may have never met if not for what seemed to be a seemingly random string of circumstances unfolding over the course of a summer tour so many years ago. Can’t help but be thankful for the forces that set that ball in motion. One thing about your wedding that stands out is how awesome it was to spend much of the night bumping into people I’ve shared some space and laughs with over the years and recognizing how fantastic it is to not only know these people but have a single place to engage with them all in one night. Having a legit band to work up a sweat to was not such a horrible thing. That half acre pale ale not too fucking shabby either! I had to work a little profanity in for authenticity.

    Hoping for many years of pizza, cabbage and potato chips for both of you.

    Posted by DM Berg of Maine | December 11, 2012, 3:24 pm

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