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Elephant Room (Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, September 2011)

What they say it is: (from the Live Arts Website): “The great dramatist Shakespeare wrote: Only an idiot would strut and fret for an hour upon the stage. Well let me tell you, we do not fret during this hour-long show. We mostly do magic instead.”- Dennis Diamond, mind-reader/performer of Elephant Room In short: three … Continue reading

David Sedaris (Merriam Theater, 15Oct 2011)

What They Said It Would Be: From the Kimmel Center website: Today’s pre-eminent humor writer, David Sedaris, shares his highly sardonic wit and incisive social critique during an evening of laugh-out-loud storytelling in the Merriam Theater on Saturday, October 15, 2011. The NPR humorist and best-selling author of Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked, When You … Continue reading

Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 15Oct 2011)

What they say it is: According to the Philadelphia Museum of Art website, This exhibition, the first Rembrandt exhibition in Philadelphia since 1932 and the first ever in the city to include paintings by the Dutch master, reunites the seven paintings of this exceedingly rare and singular series for the first time since 1656. Of … Continue reading

Eurydice (Curio Theater Company, 13Oct11)

As longtime residents of West Philadelphia, this was not our first visit to a Curio Theater Company performance.  For those who have not had the pleasure, a vital feature of Curio is their choice of venue–a multipurpose old church building, which, though aging and somewhat musty, strikes me as an excellent place to put on … Continue reading

About this site / P”A”B on Twitter

Hi All, Tara and I enjoy Art of all forms; this site is our effort at blogging up the Philadelphia Art scene.  It’s also our personal journal comprised of our personal opinions; therefore, the writings within are a highly subjective bit of flotsam.  You’ve been warned. As a romantically-entangled pair of art lovers, we share … Continue reading

The Big Bang (Kimmel Center Innovation Studio, 07Oct11)

We caught this particular piece of live performance on a whim; Philadelphia Funsavers guide allowed last-minute purchase of some cheaper tickets.  Even with the Funsavers discount, the cost ended up as a total of $50 for 2 tickets…..a lot of hidden fees were tacked on by the facility and raised the final price.  I cannot … Continue reading