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The Devil and Mr. Punch (Live Arts Festival, September 2011)

What They Say It Is: (from the Live Arts website) The iconic Mr. Punch (of Punch and Judy fame) murders his way through life’s inconveniences, and yet his story has been the basis for beloved family entertainment for centuries. Unsatisfied with mere murder, The Devil and Mister Punch delves into the even darker world of … Continue reading

Midnight Monster Mayhem (Walking Fish Theater, 18Nov11)

What they say it is (from the Walking Fish Theater website): Countess Paulina’s Midnight Monster Mayhem Movies has scared and consoled the damned and dateless every Friday night on WWFTB for years. Now the station wants to replace her with an infomercial! What is a hapless horror host to do? A burlesque cavalcade of beautiful … Continue reading