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A 24-Hour The Bald Soprano (Plays and Players Theater, 24-25 Feb 2012)

Who doesn’t enjoy watching other people make a spectacle of themselves—isn’t this the basic nature of theater-going?  Anyway, I’m not embarrassed to admit that our primary reason for attending this performance was the attraction of seeing a troupe put themselves through psychological hell.  The advertisements for The Bald Soprano described the show as a series … Continue reading

We Need Your Support!!! A PBS Burlesque (Walking Fish Theater, 17Feb12)

We’ve attended burlesque shows at WFT in the past, so we had a decent idea what we were in for.  WFT is a small, cozy bare-bones theater in the Kensington neighborhood that includes seating for about 40 people.  The bathroom is mere inches from the stage, and even the worst seat in the house is … Continue reading

Slaughterhouse 5 (Curio Theater Company, 03Feb12)

To be fair, I think staging the twisty-turny narrative of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5 would present even the most professional theater troupe with some significant challenges. The structure of the text is in no way linear or conventional; much like other of KV’s books, the story comingles author observations and character lives, often blurring (or destroying) … Continue reading