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The Tempest (Curio Theater Company, 26Apr12)

What they say it is: One of the last plays that William Shakespeare wrote, The Tempest is a magical tale full of romance, political intrigue, and drunken louts. Prospero, after being trapped on an island by his power-hungry brother, finally gets a chance for revenge when a ship carrying his brother passes by on it’s … Continue reading

Superheroes who are Super! (Plays and Players Theater, 13Apr12)

What they say it is: Superheroes who are Super(!) joins the Avengers in preparing Philadelphia for tax deadlines in a special IRS-themed adventure.  SwaS brings you the story that started it all, Avengers #1, and just in time, “The Big Payoff”, a lesson from our government’s best heroes on being a good citizen with your … Continue reading

Rock and Awe: Let’s Start a War! (RUBA Club, 31Mar12)

What they say it is: Brat resident artist Jess Conda leads us on an exhilarating journey towards the collision of rock and roll and theatre. As local artists and musicians speed towards this intersection, Brat audiences get ready for what can only be an awesome explosion of music, theatre, rock and roll, and art. Get … Continue reading