Wedding Reception

Photo Contest Winners!

Well, the time has come to announce the winners of the ‘Rubble Reception’ photo contest.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to snap pictures and upload them to our snapfish website.  Without further ado. . . .here come the honorable mentions, the runner up, and the overall winner.  (Winners will be at the bottom of the page).


(No prizes, but hey, we sincerely loved your pictures)

(click on any picture to see an enlarged version)

2012-12-08 19.50.52

One of the finalists.

2005-01-04 03.59.21

Very very close to winning.


If only Tara would have turned her face the tiniest bit to the right . . .

0632502554008 Costco Brick NJ 031 Krusty's photo photo 3Cousin Craig's photo 2005-01-04 04.44.34 2012-12-08 22.26.14 2005-01-04 02.44.35 2005-01-04 04.46.12 2012-12-08 18.11.18 2012-12-08 22.22.12

Seriously this was one of our top picks but couldn't come to a consensus

Seriously this was one of our top picks but couldn’t come to a consensus

IMG_9595 just "playing" around

Strong, strong contender

Strong, strong contender

to Clay & Tara


Now, for the main events:

THE RUNNER UP, winner of the case of beer / bottle of their choice:

Runner Up Steve Olker

Olker is the runner up, but Tara had the front row

“Photo 4” by Steve Olker. Captures the essence of the second half of the night quite well for both bride and groom. Well done, and good eye, sir.

And the overall winner of the photo contest . . .

Jen and Butch

the crowd gathers...

“The Crowd Gathers. . . ” by Jen. Though some pictures may beat it on pure composition, comedy, or random subject matter, we really liked that this picture clearly captures so many friends and couples in an unstaged moment. Lots of different friends and groups represented in a tight single shot. Great Job!

And that’s all she wrote!  Winners will be contacted shortly to figure out the logistics of their prizes.  Thanks to everyone for playing.  We really, really appreciated it.

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