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Future Fest (Luna Theater Company at Adrianne Theater Skybox, 26Apr13)

What they say it is (from the PIFA website): Glimpse the unknown… and yet-to-come. Luna Theater Company journeys to the future with their second annual play festival, FutureFest. The world premiere of five one-act plays, FutureFest explores how our visions of the future inform our understanding of ourselves and world today. Plays are curated and … Continue reading

That Time (PIFA Festival, Kimmel Center Innovation Studio, 21Apr13)

What They Say It Is: For this special PIFA production, two companies (Tongue & Groove, and RealLivePeople(in)Motion) ask “If you could go back in time to any moment in your own life’s story, where would you go and why?” The answers will inspire a one-of-a-kind, instantly-generated collage of dance, theater and music that will capture the unique … Continue reading

Hurlyburly (New City Stage Company @ Adrianne Theater 22Mar13)

What They Say It Is: This Tony Award-winning riveting drama took New York by storm in 1984. Two casting directors live together and provide as close to a “home life” as they can for their friends and a runaway girl. These sad socialites are nose deep in the decadent, perverted, cocaine culture that is 1980s … Continue reading