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The year I was born (El año en que nací) (FringeArts, 17Jan14)

What they say it is: A group of 11 Chileans born under Pinochet’s regime reconstruct their family histories through letters, photographs, clothing, and live rock n’ roll music. This captivating work of documentary theater often blurs the lines between reality and memory as a young generation attempts to make sense of their complex past, present … Continue reading

Colony (Christ Church Neighborhood House, 10Jan14)

What they say it is: Mesmerizing and hypnotic. Mechanical and incessant. Colony considers both the human and the herd. Through an intense and athletic commitment to uniformity, the work is a choreographic investigation of repetition, duration and synchronization where differing states of awareness and being emerge. Implicating the audience as critical to the creation of the performative … Continue reading

17 Border Crossings (FringeArts, 15Nov13)

What they say it is: Innovative theater director Thaddeus Phillips (creator of Red-Eye to Havre De Grace, Whale Optics, ¡El Conquistador!) steps back onstage for the World Premiere of 17 BORDER CROSSINGS, a new theatrical work that takes audiences to the frontiers of Egypt, Bosnia, Cuba, Brazil, Morocco, Colombia, Austria, Bali, Czech Republic, Israel, Jordan, … Continue reading