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Risk! (Underground Arts, 11Apr14)

What they say it is: “The undisputed G-spot of the 12th annual First Person Arts Festival” (Phindie) returns! Host Kevin Allison of MTV’s The State, Reno 911, and Flight of the Concords, brings together a cast of leading storytellers to tell jaw-dropping stories they never thought they’d dare share in public on the theme “Revelation”. Check out video of past … Continue reading

The Room Nobody Knows (FringeArts, 01Feb2014)

What they say it is: Two brothers inhabit a mysterious, dreamlike apartment. On the day of the elder brother’s birthday, the younger, who is supposed to be studying for college entrance exams, is preoccupied with creating unusual objects for the celebration. Meanwhile, in the upper room, the younger brother’s alter-egos take the form of creatures … Continue reading