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WetLand (FringeArts Festival, 06Sep2014)


For this installment of the blog, we wanted to try something different.  As any loyal visitor to this site knows, we primarily do written reviews and opinion pieces of local Philadelphia art.  Right now, the Fringe festival is in effect–and our awesome summer is still rather busy–so keeping up with the posts is tougher than typical.

Since the Wetland exhibit is a free ‘installation’ piece, we visited, filmed, spoke, and viola–a published VIDEO blog–our first.  Obviously, a verbal, spontaneous video commentary will be less polished than a written piece, but we wanted to get something out there for WetLand, so a video blog seemed like the right answer.

Below are a few still images, followed by a link to our youtube visit (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR VIDEO!).  We hope you have a reasonably decent experience via this non-literate art review.


What they say it is:

A wet look at Philly’s future.

Imagine a near future when rivers and oceans begin to rise, when urbanites must embrace water as part of life. Conceptualized and built by Brooklyn-based installation artist Mary MattinglyWetLand is an otherworldly houseboat moored on the Delaware River that’s part interactive public art installation, part urban farm and dwelling place. Mattingly will live on WetLand for six weeks, hosting tours, performances, workshops, skill shares, and artistic gatherings. Visit the artist in her sustainable floating rowhome to see how art, architecture, and environmental technology come together to create a watery urban utopia.

Clay and Tara visit WetlLand, in pictures and video:

IMGA0249 copy IMGA0256 IMGA0257 IMGA0264 IMGA0271 IMGA0272 IMGA0280



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