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The Handmaid’s Tale (Curio Theater, 23Oct15)

What they say it is: After a staged terrorist attack, a Christian Theocracy overthrows the United States.  Suddenly, Offred’s life is thrown into subjugation, she must become a Handmaid to increase population growth. A cautionary tale that predicts our worst fears of fundamentalism, Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel comes to life in this daring one-woman adaptation. How did she do it?  How did … Continue reading

The Extra People (Ant Hampton, Merriam Theater, 17Sep2015)

What they say it is: Put on some headphones. Enter the theater. Have your perception of reality break down. Within a large, nearly empty theater, you sit, one of fifteen audience members, watching another fifteen audience members perform on stage. Then you replace those on stage, only to discover that a new audience occupies the seats … Continue reading

Alias Ellis Mackenzie (Prince Theater, 15Sep15)

What they say it is: “My personal experiences, along with those of other performers on the TV show Alias El Mexicano, are combined to create a stage work in a TV style, about real actors trying to play real people and their aliases on a fake TV show somewhat based on reality.” Thaddeus Phillips, director  … Continue reading