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Gumshoe (New Paradise Laboratories, Philadelphia Central Library and Rosenbach Museum, 15Apr2017)

NOTE: This show runs until May 7th, and is free!  Reserve tickets at: What THEY say it is: Something preposterous is happening at the Free Library of Philadelphia. You must help us unravel it.    An exhibition has opened containing the original manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” the … Continue reading

Society of Civil Discourse (Team Sunshine Performance Corporation), 13Apr2017

Hello loyal readers, This entry may (?) mark a shift for the artblog. You might have noticed the entries have dropped off significantly. I’ve previously remarked that I (Clay) have some problems with keyboard-related hand and wrist pain, and these problems make typing extensive entries a bit of a chore. Combined with the challenge of … Continue reading