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FOUR Philadelphia “ART” reviews in ONE POST! (April-May 2017)

IN AN EFFORT TO CATCH UP, WE’RE TAKING THE UNCONVENTIONAL STEP OF INCLUDING 4, THAT IS RIGHT 4, ART REVIEWS IN ONE POST!! Below you will find varied-quality blurbs encompassing: Sherlock Holmes, the Final Adventure Faust 3 On The Water Fronteras: A Door in the Desert I apologize for the truncated and mishy-mashy nature of … Continue reading

Gumshoe (New Paradise Laboratories, Philadelphia Central Library and Rosenbach Museum, 15Apr2017)

NOTE: This show runs until May 7th, and is free!  Reserve tickets at: What THEY say it is: Something preposterous is happening at the Free Library of Philadelphia. You must help us unravel it.    An exhibition has opened containing the original manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” the … Continue reading

Society of Civil Discourse (Team Sunshine Performance Corporation), 13Apr2017

Hello loyal readers, This entry may (?) mark a shift for the artblog. You might have noticed the entries have dropped off significantly. I’ve previously remarked that I (Clay) have some problems with keyboard-related hand and wrist pain, and these problems make typing extensive entries a bit of a chore. Combined with the challenge of … Continue reading

A Double Header (Quick) Review—Brian Posehn // Shakespeare in Clark Park! (29 and 31 July, 2016)

To any readers who’ve wondered at our prolonged absence from blogging, my apologies—I’d be deeply flattered to know you care so much about our rambling reviews to spare us a second thought.  Short answer: summer is SUPER busy for Tara and I, and so the blog is neglected, though our attention to fun and arts … Continue reading

David Cross and Vedge (Merriam Theater, 03Apr16; Vedge, 04Apr16)

Obviously, regular readers of this blog know that our primary focus is local art events by smaller/midsized companies.  However, though we rarely review them, we are fortunate enough to see larger acts on a somewhat regular basis.  Therefore, we’ll occasionally make exceptions to our “indie” guidelines and document more sizable events, if only for the … Continue reading

Death of a Salesman (Curio Theater, 26Feb2016)

What They Say It Is: Arthur Miller’s exploration of the American Dream. Willy Loman is a salesman who dreams of making it as big as his brother, of providing for his family and of having his sons make a better life.  But not everything turns out as we hope.  Death of a Salesman explores who … Continue reading

Fred Siegel, Man of Mystery (Adrianne Theater, 05Dec2015)

What They Say It Is: Fred Siegel is an improviser, a professor at Drexel and… a magician. A magician with a mysterious past that will terrify you! Not really. But it’s an amazing story. In Man of Mystery, Fred tells tales of dank magic shops, manipulative mentors and his summer telling lies for money on the Coney Island … Continue reading

The Handmaid’s Tale (Curio Theater, 23Oct15)

What they say it is: After a staged terrorist attack, a Christian Theocracy overthrows the United States.  Suddenly, Offred’s life is thrown into subjugation, she must become a Handmaid to increase population growth. A cautionary tale that predicts our worst fears of fundamentalism, Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel comes to life in this daring one-woman adaptation. How did she do it?  How did … Continue reading

The Extra People (Ant Hampton, Merriam Theater, 17Sep2015)

What they say it is: Put on some headphones. Enter the theater. Have your perception of reality break down. Within a large, nearly empty theater, you sit, one of fifteen audience members, watching another fifteen audience members perform on stage. Then you replace those on stage, only to discover that a new audience occupies the seats … Continue reading

Alias Ellis Mackenzie (Prince Theater, 15Sep15)

What they say it is: “My personal experiences, along with those of other performers on the TV show Alias El Mexicano, are combined to create a stage work in a TV style, about real actors trying to play real people and their aliases on a fake TV show somewhat based on reality.” Thaddeus Phillips, director  … Continue reading