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Society of Civil Discourse (Team Sunshine Performance Corporation), 13Apr2017

Hello loyal readers, This entry may (?) mark a shift for the artblog. You might have noticed the entries have dropped off significantly. I’ve previously remarked that I (Clay) have some problems with keyboard-related hand and wrist pain, and these problems make typing extensive entries a bit of a chore. Combined with the challenge of … Continue reading

A Double Header (Quick) Review—Brian Posehn // Shakespeare in Clark Park! (29 and 31 July, 2016)

To any readers who’ve wondered at our prolonged absence from blogging, my apologies—I’d be deeply flattered to know you care so much about our rambling reviews to spare us a second thought.  Short answer: summer is SUPER busy for Tara and I, and so the blog is neglected, though our attention to fun and arts … Continue reading

David Cross and Vedge (Merriam Theater, 03Apr16; Vedge, 04Apr16)

Obviously, regular readers of this blog know that our primary focus is local art events by smaller/midsized companies.  However, though we rarely review them, we are fortunate enough to see larger acts on a somewhat regular basis.  Therefore, we’ll occasionally make exceptions to our “indie” guidelines and document more sizable events, if only for the … Continue reading

A Botanical Bitter Homes and Gardens Hoe-Down (PHS Pop Up (beer) Garden, 17Jul15)

What they say it is: Remember the old-timey plant cabarets that your grandmama and granddaddy used to go to on a Saturday night? Well, take a stroll down memory lane at the Eatin-Good Family Plant Cabaret, hosted by Jebediah Eatin-Good himself! Flowers, weeds, and vegetables take center stage to share traditional plant cabaret favorites including … Continue reading

CONES (The Rotunda, 19Jun15)

TAKE NOTE:  THIS SHOW CAN STILL BE SEEN 22JUN and 23JUN at Rotunda!  Get your tickets here! What they say it is: The Medium Theatre Company presents CONES, an action-comedy game show about vampires, vision loss and ice cream. A blindfolded boy has stories to share—secrets about eating cereal, wearing capes, avoiding bright lights and … Continue reading

For Your Future Guidance (The Rotunda, 07Apr15)

What they say it is: All the way from across the globe, Binge Culture (based in Wellington, NZ) presents “For Your Future Guidance.”  For Your Future Guidance is an interactive performance to help us all prepare for the new You-topia. Much beloved in their home island nation, Binge Culture is touring the US for several … Continue reading

COMIC ENERGY (Penn’s Landing Caterers, 23Aug14)

What they say it is: With two performances completely different from each other. Comic Energy’s first performance will begin at 7pm with an array of brand new sketch material to be filmed in front of the live audience. The 2nd performance will begin at 9:30pm in the 500-seat theater and will consist of another 12 original sketches … Continue reading

Oedipussy (Curio Theatre Company, 03May14)

What they say it is: Written by Carl Grose & Spymonkey Adapted by Emma Rice Curio is thrilled to present the NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE of Spymonkey’s hilarious take on Greek tragedy. Think James Bond meets Oedipus with imaginative storytelling and jaw-dropping physical comedy; this is the outrageous story of the ultimate dysfunctional family. Rated R for ridiculousness! I’m banging this … Continue reading

Polygon Comedy Presents: The Fringe! (Studio 34, 08Sep13)

What they say it is: Polygon Comedy is celebrating Fringe the best way we know how–with great local independent comedy from around the area! Join us for standup, sketch, comedy, improv, storytelling, and everything in between! After a busy weekend that included two Live Arts/Fringe events (Thursday and Friday) a friend’s afternoon wedding on Saturday, … Continue reading

The Storm (Ok For Sound Theater, 02Mar13)

What they say it is: Okay For Radio presents The Storm, a full length radio play about a cranky, old hermit upon whom everyone descends during an approaching storm (including a pesky neighbor, an annoying telephone operator stranded snooty socialites from Boston, and desperate bandits on the run from goofball police and a special detective sent … Continue reading