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FOUR Philadelphia “ART” reviews in ONE POST! (April-May 2017)

IN AN EFFORT TO CATCH UP, WE’RE TAKING THE UNCONVENTIONAL STEP OF INCLUDING 4, THAT IS RIGHT 4, ART REVIEWS IN ONE POST!! Below you will find varied-quality blurbs encompassing: Sherlock Holmes, the Final Adventure Faust 3 On The Water Fronteras: A Door in the Desert I apologize for the truncated and mishy-mashy nature of … Continue reading

Colony (Christ Church Neighborhood House, 10Jan14)

What they say it is: Mesmerizing and hypnotic. Mechanical and incessant. Colony considers both the human and the herd. Through an intense and athletic commitment to uniformity, the work is a choreographic investigation of repetition, duration and synchronization where differing states of awareness and being emerge. Implicating the audience as critical to the creation of the performative … Continue reading

Break/Drift/Resist (Philadelphia Soundstages, 06Sep13)

What they say it is: Seven women climb ropes, spark chain reactions, catch each other, swing, slide, and crash. Break/Drift/Resist is dynamic new aerial dance theater from Tangle Movement Arts, part of the 2013 Philly FringeArts festival. Tangle’s movers ricochet from floor to ceiling in this performance inspired by the friction and warmth of a … Continue reading